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Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball

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Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball

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Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball

Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball, 5 Sizes Ball Chair, Heavy Duty Swiss Ball for Balance, Stability, Pregnancy and Physical Therapy, Quick Pump Included

  • ANTI BURST & SLOW DEFLATION – Our exercise ball is made with the honey comb structure which makes it deflate slowly and burst resistant if punctured, thus reducing the risks of injury due to falls to the ground and offering you the most caring protection like your endearing mom’s!
  • NON SLIP SURFACE – The Swiss ball is not picky at all when it comes to the practice venue – be it home, the gym or outdoors, the premium slip prevention will leave you feeling safe and your movements worry free. Not to mention it’s one-thing-for-all – Pilates, Yoga, pregnancy gymnastics or various other low-impact exercises, you name it. And don’t forget the total body exercise ball HIIT cardio workout!
  • Office Ball Chair for Fun and Better Posture – Tired of the ordinary office chairs? No worries! We have you covered! Try our Office Ball Chair for a healthier and more active lifestyle. This chair is a magician that corrects your posture and eventually drives your back pain away! Plus, you can even treat yourself with a highly efficient back and abdominal strengthening or some deep stretches that you long deserve during or after work!
  • EXTRA THICK & TOP QUALITY MATERIAL – Our exercise ball proudly stands itself out among the products of the same class. It is strictly weight tested and can resist up to 2,200 lbs. The strong material is nicely made with non toxic PVC material, thus free of BPA & heavy metals.
  • EASY TO INFLATE AND PERFECT PACKAGING – Time is money! This exercise ball literally save your life in a hectic world with its quick inflation foot pump that comes with it, as well as 2 air stoppers and detailed instructions for you to follow. Available in 5 sizes, 45cm 55cm 65cm 75cm 85cm to meet your special needs.
  • Wood or painting are unfriendly to the exercise ball. So please keep the ball away from woodwork, wooden furniture or painted walls. And as cute as they are, your lovely pets could potentially damage the ball with their sharp claws so just a kind reminder to stay away from them when practicing with your ball.
  • Inflation Instructions: Let the ball sit for 2-3 days after the initial inflation, then inflate it again to allow it to be stretched to the desired size.

10 reviews for Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball

  1. N. Bell

    Pump perhaps a little small for this size of ball. (Couldn’t find my electric inflatable bed one!) Ball was not used for ‘Pain Relief’ but to help exercise and increase movement in a knee after a full joint replacement. Gentle bouncing exercises on the ball worked very well for that. Advice given on choosing the right size helped as it assured the ball was stable during the exercises.

  2. Esther

    The ball itself works well and is very comfortable to sit on. Im currently 9 months pregnant and it really takes away my pelvic pain! I got the biggest ball they had which worked great for me because I’m a tall woman I’m 6ft1in. The only complaint I have is the ball itself came with some scuff marks on it which to me is tacky.

    The seller sent me a new ball for no charge! It shows me that they care about the customers! The new ball I got was perfect!

  3. K

    Purchased this ball when I was pregnant to encourage baby to stay head down and was pleased with it then… once baby had arrived we still got our use out of it as it settles her down instantly if she’s being fussy! It’s amazing. If you’re pregnant I’d recommend not deflating the ball once your little one has arrived as you may find it’s a brilliant way to soothe them! Definitely got our money’s worth from this ball that’s for sure.

  4. Anthony

    I’ve been using this as an occasional chair for when I sit in front of the computer. It really does help to relieve pain. I would recommend sitting on your normal office chair for 80-90% of the time, and switching to this exercise ball at other times. Alternating between the two has been really helpful for me.

    The ball comes with a pump (very good quality), a plug, and a plug remover. You may need to adjust the pressure, so make sure you keep the remover handy. All in all, a very high quality product that I sense will last a very long time.

  5. DC

    This is a fine ball BUT I sat it on a wooden end table in a spare bedroom and it somehow ate through the wood finish and left the imprint of the ball permanently in the top of the table.

    Now I won’t wven put it on carpet! I’m ticked!

  6. Gemma

    If there’s one thing I could not have lived without over my pregnancy it’s this ball. Every evening I’ve sat on it, rolling around and bouncing while watching tv. It’s been an absolute must have to ease any back pain and general restlessness. Whether it helps with labour itself and even breastfeeding after is yet to be seen (in just 2 weeks!) but even if it doesn’t help with those elements, it’s well worth the money just for the pregnancy itself. Highly recommend.

  7. Mandy Leonhart

    I’m going to be perfectly straightforward on this review and share things I don’t like to normally share. I am 5’3″, and around 400 lb. Thyroid problem. I’m trying to lose weight so don’t judge please. I also have massive thighs. I thought because I was so heavy I should get the extra large ball. The one that tops out at 75 cm because I figured my weight would squish it down enough to where I could use it as an office chair and then exercise on it during my lunch break. Don’t do that. Follow the chart and get the ball corresponding to your height and not your weight because you can always make the ball a little firmer but you can’t make it smaller. My legs are short and I practically have to climb onto this thing to sit on it and the only way I can keep my feet grounded is to straddle and it is still very comfortable sitting in front of my desk but I have absolutely no way to move it without having to climb off and then climb back on. My husband is a few inches taller than me so I’m going to give him this one for his gaming room and I ordered the smaller size. Also the foot pump is way more awesome than a hand pump cuz you do get a work out but it does take a little while so if you have a little air compressor (I have an AirHawk) I literally filled the ball in a fraction of the time. Seriously. I highly recommend using something else if you have it but if anything the foot pump is vastly superior to the hand pumps that the other brands offer. I’m sitting on this thing right now and bouncing on it like crazy and it’s taking everything I’m giving it. I will not post a picture because I’m a little embarrassed of my size right now ( I gained quite a bit away in a couple years after my thyroid gave out and I don’t like where I’m at right now and that’s why I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve never been a little girl but I’ve never been this big either) but this thing is taking all I am dishing out and I’m bouncing pretty hard on it I did my research and I’m very pleased with this brand and this ball I just need one a little smaller. Looking forward to tightening some muscles and not hurting my hips sitting in an office chair all day long. I also very much enjoy the color selection.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Purchased this ball to use as seat whilst working. I purchased the 75cm ball which is about right for me at 5′ 10″. I can vary the level of inflation which seems to provide a greater height adjustment than I expected. The ball seems good quality and comfortable when used for sitting. It came with a foot pump which I wasn’t expecting to use. It’s made of what appears quite thin plastic, but I decided to try it. Wow! It’s really effective and very easy to inflate the ball. I have inflated a smaller ball using a car foot pump and it took about 5 times as long. After three weeks of use, I have topped the ball up twice with a little more air. The stopper used for the ball appears to create a tight seal and is difficult to remove using your fingernails. Fortunately, the ball came with a small plastic removal tool (and a couple of extra stoppers. If you’re thinking about trying one of these balls as a desk seat, this one is an excellent choice.

  9. Ryan Grupp

    Literally popped in less than five minutes of use.. I pumped it up and took it to an empty room and started to do crunches and pop..

  10. MJT

    At the time of writing this review I have returned the exercise ball and revived a full refund.

    I was starting a new 12 week program and realized I would need a exercise ball. With over 8000 reviews on Amazon I was confident this would be a good purchase. Upon receiving the ball I opened the box, unwrapped the plastic packaging and was greeted by a strong chemical smell which filled our living room. As we have a toddler I relocated to our front porch where I followed the instructions and pumped up the ball. That was when I noticed the surface had some sort of sticky coating so I left it outside to off gas over night. I should add that I work in construction and am no stranger to strong chemical smells and VOC’s, all of which should be limited in a home environment.

    The next morning I needed the ball so I brought it in from the porch but it still had the strong smell and sticky surface. Not wanting to break a sweat on this this thing I kept my t- shirt on throughout the entire exercise session.

    After a few days of owning the ball I noticed it wasn’t holding air and needed pumping up. At that point I was fed up and decided to invest in a better made ball. That was when I remembered Theraband Pro Series from my physical therapy for a lower back injury. The Theraband balls being sold on Amazon where questionable as to whether they were genuine so I went old school and ordered directly from their website. At close to $50 for a exercise ball it was a little expensive but after owning it for two weeks I am very happy. No chemical smell, no sticky surface and it holds air! That is all I want.

    Maybe it is just the Trideer dark gray/black colored balls that have these issues but do your research before ordering. My review is not the first to receive 1 star or to mention these issues. To the manufacturer I suggest you do a little research into the materials and chemicals used in these balls before selling them to consumers.

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