/ / / RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window , 16 Vibration Massage Heads and Bluetooth Music, 5 Modes for Eye Relax, Dark Circles, Eye Bags,…

RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window , 16 Vibration Massage Heads and Bluetooth Music, 5 Modes for Eye Relax, Dark Circles, Eye Bags,…

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RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window

RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window, 16 Vibration Massage Heads and Bluetooth Music, 5 Modes for Eye Relax, Dark Circles, Eye Bags

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RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window

  • 【Vision Windows Design, for Safety and Balancing】 With vision meshs and one-button operation, you can enjoy entertainment, eat something, keep safety and balance while relaxing the eyes. The head strap can be easily adjusted to fit everyone. In addition, our engineers reduce its weight by 30%, so you can easily take the eye massage mask ​to the office, or on travel. Note 1: If you feel a headache, pls loosen the headband appropriately
  • 【Rhythmic Music Massage】 Our rhythm eye massager is equipped with 5 massage modes, from mode 1 to mode 5, the intensity level gradually increases. The rhythmic mode will vibrate with the beat of music. You can use bluetooth connection phone to synchronize your own music, enjoy different audio-resonance eye massage. Note 2: If you feel that the vibration of rhythmic mode is weaker, pls try to increase the phone volume
  • 【16 Vibration Massage Heads】 RENPHO Rhythmic eye mask adopts 360° rotating and massage technology. The 16 silicone massage “fingers” accurately knead the eye muscles point-to-point, which is better to eye strain, improve eye puffiness, eye bags, dark circles, etc.
  • 【Voice Broadcast & Bluetooth Connection】 Built-in speaker supports voice broadcast. It’s easy to operate and pre-recorded soothing music can enhance the sense of eye relaxation. You can even play your own playlists via bluetooth. Eye care machine with music can reduce anxiety and strain, relax mood and promote sleep. Bluetooth Name: R-G001
  • 【Christmas Gifts】 The vibration eye massager will be unique as a gift. Every RENPHO’s eye beauty massager uses a well-built package and offers you a good unboxing experience. RENPHO is well-known for the highest quality products and the best customer service team

8 reviews for RENPHO Rhythm Eye Massager with Vision Window , 16 Vibration Massage Heads and Bluetooth Music, 5 Modes for Eye Relax, Dark Circles, Eye Bags,…

  1. Abel L

    Je travaille avec un ordinateur à longueur de journée, alors il arrive très souvent que j’aie les yeux fatigués en fin de journée.

    J’ai opté pour ce masque pour pouvoir masser mes yeux. La machine en elle-même est très légère et confortable sur la face.

    Elle est ajustable ce qui permet de l’adapter à la forme de notre face pour plus de Confort. Les têtes de massage ne sont pas très dures et ne font pas de mal sur la face.

    J’ai beaucoup de plaisir de faire usage de cette machine et ça me réconforte les yeux. J’aime beaucoup l’option du Bluetooth, car ça permet de jouer de la musique relaxante en même temps.

    Cependant, je trouve que le haut-parleur n’est pas de très bonne qualité. Je recommande.

  2. 2cultures

    Oh my goodness, it’s so relaxing.
    This massager is so easy to use right out the box, no instruction needed for basic use. I only used the booklet to see how the bluetooth function worked.

    The built in music is relaxing but I preferred to use the silent mode especially when I am having a headache or the Bluetooth mode with my choice of relaxing music so I could tune out the world.
    At one point while using it to relax I did feel like it was actually giving me a headache but after some research I found this only happens when the straps are too tight after loosening it now works fine.
    Great for after work, when you just want to unwind, while it’s great I don’t believe it’s worth the hefty price tag of $99.99 especially since it doesn’t have any heat functions. There are various ones on the market with the dual function at similar price ranges.

  3. kimberley Gaurino

    Working from home im on my PC 9 hours a day, With that being said the strain on the eyes that being stuck at a desk all day can be horrible once you log off from your shift. The eye massager has been a true life saver for tired over worked eyes. Highly recommend this product to feel even slightly human again!!

  4. Amazon Customer

    It seriously hurts your face

  5. Richie Rich

    The Renpho Eye Massager is well constructed and feels high quality. The strap is easy to adjust and even though the massage heads looked hard and awkward to put on your face, once you strap it on your head, it actually felt very comfortable and the massager is lightweight enough it didn’t feel too heavy on your head. The eye massager has 5 different modes, offering different types of vibration and intensity. The massaging action felt very nice, especially for tired eyes. You can easily lie down and let the massager do its thing, or the eye holes allow you to still kinda see your surroundings. Because the eye holes are meshed, you won’t have the best vision but I think that is intent of this massager is to help your eyes take a break from your phone, computer and TV.

    I find just using this eye massager for a few minutes, it helped to not only relax and soothe my eyes, but also my head. I had a sinus headache and this eye massager helped to relieve some of my discomfort. Only thing that would have made this better is adding some heat to the massaging elements and extending the heads to the side of your head, around the temple area. But I do understand this is an eye massager and not a head massager, but as mentioned I did find it helped with my headaches as well. Another nice feature is the ability to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to play your own music. And you will want to do that since the music on mode 5 I didn’t find to be too relaxing.

  6. iNil

    The overall first impression is Awesome built and very expensive looking massager. It Super builds quality all over the board and is very lightweight. I love the vision window which is an awesome addition as I have used the other kind of eye massager before which kind of put you in isolation, With the window, you can still hide from the brightness but still have access to what’s going around you. It comes with a USB C charging cable which is always appreciated as advanced tech. The Bluetooth was very easy to set up and it is a nice feature to spend a good relaxing time while massaging.

    The main reason to get this Massager is to massage and I felt that it did a very good job in that where the silicone massage fingers knead the eye muscles around the eyes and give a relaxing feeling with different modes. It was a great fit to me but a few others tried on had a hard time to fit as the massaging finger doesn’t stay and slide on the face, maybe a learning curve to put on…

  7. david slotar

    Overall I actually enjoyed the feeling of the product HOWEVER…..when I took it off my eyes were bruised!! Probably not safe…

  8. Daniel

    Just not comfortable at all. Gives you a headache

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