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ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

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ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

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ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball, Multiple Sizes Stability Ball Chair, Large Gym Grade Birthing Ball for Pregnancy, Fitness, Balance Workout at Home, Office and Physical Therapy w/ Pump

  • ANTI BURST AND SLIP RESISTANT – Heavy duty thick PVC design able to withstand the most punishing workouts and training, yoga or Pilates programs. Tough Non rubber PVC swiss ball that is considered antiburst up to 2000 lbs.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL – Exercise ball made from soft low-odor PVC material that is free of common harmful phthalates or other toxic additives. Available in 5 sizes: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm.
  • SETUP QUICKLY AND START WITH INCLUDED EXERCISES AND QUICK PUMP – The large therapy physioball is inflated in minutes with minimal effort. Get focused on your thighs, butt, abs, pelvic floor, and other specific muscle targets immediately.
  • VERSATILE GYM EQUIPMENT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS – Exercize balls are perfect to increase abdominal strength and flexibility. Not only for crossfit, but also good for active sitting as a yoga ball chair in a home office or seating in a classroom. Besides being used as a workout ball, can also be used as a birthing or pregnancy ball.
  • WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS – Balance ball made to be burst resistant. Should the stability ball burst or leak we will gladly refund you for the life of the inflatable ball.
  • PRECAUTIONS: Do not use fitness ball on a slippery surface, such as wooden floors or tiles. Consult doctor if using as a birthing ball during labor.

9 reviews for ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

  1. Elessar

    I bought one of these balls to sit on at work during pregnancy, when my office chair was exacerbating already terrible back pain. This ball provided instant relief from sciatica and pelvic pressure and gave me more energy throughout the day because I wasn’t constantly shifting my weight trying to find a more comfortable position. I liked it so much I bought one for my home, and sat on it, sometimes gently rocking or bouncing, to watch TV. After baby was born, I discovered it’s great for rocking him to sleep….soft bouncing provided an instant sleep tonic for a fussy little one, and a little ab workout for me as a bonus.

    The only downside is that it does seem to lose air rather quickly. I find myself inflating it every other day or so, as it does get saggy after an hour per day of sitting on it. But that’s not really a big deal. It’s easy to pump more air into it.

    edit Dec ’19 – Now 7 months into Pregnancy #2, the sciatica is baaaaaack….and worse than ever. I now work in a place with an even MORE uncomfortable desk chair, which honestly I didn’t think was possible. So this exercise ball is a regular fixture at my desk once again. Marvelous relief!

  2. Matthew

    Decided to buy this ball… had the tip on how to inflate it from previous review, so i felt like a pro! Super easy to pump, ball feels heavy duty, just feels right when using it to exercise. Wife is a fitness person, and she’s super happy, so we are good to go! Glad i bought this, had some issues with others bought in stores, didn’t pass wife test. Typical i guess, i get it a little cheaper on Amazon, and with better quality. Love it, no issues! Works awesome!

  3. Amazon Customer

    There are sizes on the box, but none of them checked off. I got a 24 inch one not a 26 inch one.
    Want to send it back, already have a 24 inch one.Seems nice quality though.

  4. Texas Family

    35 weeks pregnant with lower back pain. Have tried chiropractor, medicine, physical therapy. Finally I read an article from a mommy magazine that recommended trying an exercise ball. I just got this today and it was very easy to inflate. My only complaint is that I should have bought the 65 size instead of the 55 size for what I wanted it for, I think larger would have fit me better. The sizing chart only mentions exercise (recommended 55 for me at 5ft 6in) or chair (recommended 65 for me at 5ft 6in). I finally decided to purchase the 55 as it is for physical therapy for my lower back which I decided sounded more like exercise use than chair use. I wish I had ordered the 65 size.

  5. Firefighter37

    The thing that looks like an air inlet on the ball is a PLUG. Initially the plug appears to be where you inflate the ball, but the pump does not fit the hole. Remove the plug then the pumps fits perfectly. The manufacturer should have provided this information. Had it not been for another user posting that she figured out how to remove the PLUG, we might have also been one to return the ball.

  6. Phoenix

    Arrived quickly. A great ball. Couldn’t inflate but the company sent an email almost immediately after delivery with instructions for inflation (without being requested to do so). They have also written to thank me for my purchase. They are a most agreeable company. And the quality of the product and information available on line for ways to use their products is very good.

  7. Sasha Sparks

    I didn’t buy this to use as a traditional yoga ball for myself. I bought this for my autistic 6 year old son. A few years ago we won one of those old fashion balls that has handles that you bounce at our local fair, and we noticed right away that him bouncing on it would calm him down. Well that ball was starting to wear down and his dr told me to buy him a yoga ball so i bought this one. When he gets too worked up where he has trouble calming himself down i’ll go get this for him and he’ll bounce for about 10 minutes and it really works on calming him.

    As for the product itself. I have no complaints at all. It came in a box deflated but it had all the right tools for me to inflate it. The instructions were extremely simple to follow and surprisingly it only took about 2 or 3 minutes to inflate. Shocked me considering it comes with a small hand pump. The quality of the ball is great. We’ve had it almost a month now (bought on june 27th) and it has held up really well. I haven’t had to put anymore air in it since i blew it up. My son bounces on it at least one a day for any where between 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

  8. Olivia Davidsen

    Received in 1 day. So easy to inflate. Perfect color. True to size I believe I measured the circumference using inches. Perfect so far!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Seemed terrific at first, but after about a month and half of use it (without a sharp object in sight) popped. The department head who happened to be using it dropped onto his tailbone thus sending him to Urgent Care.
    I’m really bummed this product failed so badly.

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