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Massage Chair Zero Gravity SL Track

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Massage Chair Zero Gravity SL Track

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Massage Chair Zero Gravity SL Track

Massage Chair,Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Space Saving, Auto Body Detection, Thai Stretching, Bluetooth Speaker, Heat, Foot Roller Ugears B-L1

  • 【Zero Gravity Massage Chair】- Ugears integrated linkage suspension massage chair puts the center of gravity on the buttocks, reduces the pressure on the spine and joints, makes your heart lower than your legs, and your body is in a completely relaxed posture and the feeling of weight loss in the real space. The Deep V-wrapped Design reduces the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion and is evenly stressed, allowing you to relax from outside to inside and bid farewell to fatigue.
  • 【Smart Body Scan & Full Body Air Massage】-This 3D massage chair can automatically your body to adjust the massage points and massage range. The most professional massage can be experienced by different body types, the effect is comparable to a massage technician. The massage airbags cover on the shoulder, arms, hip, calves and feet area, allowing you to enjoy the Tuina massage in looping rhythmic. Weight Limit: 330 pounds. Internal Seat Width: 21 inches.
  • 【SL Track Design& Thai Stretching】- The SL Track length of our chair differs from almost other similar products, it not only has a larger massage range, but also achieves precise knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu and other massage methods to relax your whole body, combining the Thai-style massage and other methods to perform a relaxing massage. The two heating device at the waist of the massage chair can warm your waist and care your health with reaching up to 45℃.
  • 【Space Saving & Bluetooth Speaker】- Ugears massage chair allows just about 5cm between the massage chair and wall. One-click forward zero space, leaving much space for you. The head part is equipped with surround sound equipment, easy to connect with mobile phone Bluetooth, so that you have a more relaxed environment during massage with wonderful sound quality.The Bluetooth is compatible with iPhone12.
  • 【Lifetime Warranty Policy】- Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we provide a 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE. B-L1 does not require installation, if you need to return it, please keep our original packaging, which will improve your return efficiency. If any issue occurs to it, please contact our professional customer service team and we will work to fix any issues within 12 hours. You can also return the chair within 30 days for a full money back once we confirm the problem.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

52 x 34 x 49 inches

Item Weight

255 pounds



Date First Available

October 18, 2019

5 reviews for Massage Chair Zero Gravity SL Track

  1. TW

    Some insights on shipping:

    1. This will be shipped out of California, the further out you are the longer the shipping time. Shipment will be by freight until they can get to a local truck company to complete the service. For me, the final carrier was RL Carriers, which brought the shipment via shipping truck. The item will require that someone be present during delivery–delivery is to your front door only (no stairs).

    2. The box is just wide enough to slide through most standard door frames. Make sure you’ll have enough space with your door as wide open as possible. There’s enough padding inside the box that in the event of an emergency, you can unpack the chair and leave the box outside.

    3. The padding inside the box is immaculate, the chair is well, well, safeguarded against bumps and stuff. That said, there’s a lot of unpacking before you get to the chair itself. Make some space for all the cardboard, straps, plywood, egg crates, and bubble wrap. Also, the box is design to come apart around the chair itself–and the chair has rollers on it so once you remove the four walls of the box, the chair can be rolled out. There’s no real lifting, and if you ever move in the future, rolling the chair into a U-Haul isn’t going to be that much of a headache.

    4. There’s two electrical plug ins on the chair. One is the power cord directly in the back, power cord is about four feet long–I was actually surprised by how short it was, you can always get an extension though (or just order a longer one), it’s a nonproprietery universal AWG power plug. The second plug in is just under the right arm of the chair and is where the remote will plug in. This second plug in point is omitted in the manual, which was a bit frustrating since I had to find it on my own.

    5. The chair is dead quiet.

    6. It’s a tight fit if you’re a big guy, but I’m 6’6″ and can still comfortably squeeze into the chair. Comfortably might be a stretch, it’s more of a cozy sit down. It’s like the same dimensions as a standard movie seat. If you can fit in one of those, you’ll be fine.

    7. Don’t wear jeans/thick clothing.

  2. Chloe Parks

    We ordered this chair after going to a massage chair store and trying out different chairs, for the price, this is comparable to ones that were MUCH higher in price. It was ordered on July 4, 2020, and we received it on July 10, 2020. Very well packaged and my mom and I were able to unpack and roll the chair into place. We did not get a warranty card and I did contact Amazon and the OWAY seller about a warranty card and purchasing the 3 year extended warranty for 57.99 that I forgot to add when I ordered the chair. The company responded back that the chair had a 12-year warranty, which I am sure was a misunderstanding. The instructions say a 12-month warranty.
    I am still checking on that will update later.
    The ONLY complaint I have is the instructions are not very useful, we are still trying to figure out the airbag adjustments on the arms, they are pretty strong so, for now, we have shut the arm airbags off.
    YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY if you purchase this chair WELL worth the price!

  3. Amazon Customer Ragan

    Do not buy!!! I tried to return but was told I would have to pay for the $250.00 shipping. The arm area is very small. Neither my wife or I can use the arm massage feature. It is already a tight fit and we are not large people. When the air bags inflate it feels like it will break your forearms. I, having broader shoulders than my wife can not use the shoulder massage. Same issue, it over inflates and eventually pushes me forward. To use it I have to go thought the settings to turn off the arm and shoulder airbags every time. So, none of the presets will work for me. I have only written a few poor reviews in my life and have written a ton of good ones but for the price of a massage chair I would hate for someone to be in the position I am in now. Stuck with a large chair that I paid to much for to throw away and the regret of not sending it back immediately and eating the $250.00 return fee that the company should have covered.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This UGears B-L1 massage chair is worth the money. We live in Vegas and the chair arrived in 3 days. Easy set up and easy to use. The SL track get all the way under your bottom and up to your neck. The 24 airbags can be really strong but 5 of the 6 pre-programmed setting are a great pressure. Stretch has the strongest pressure so don’t put your fragile mom on that program. I am 6 feet tall and the chair adjusts to my long legs. The foot massage is wonderful with 3 rotating spots. I was concerned with the covering of the full feet but there is plenty of room. The motors and air bags are quite. Compared to other chairs, this one is really nice and worth the money for us. I don’t see getting any more out of a more expensive chair.

  5. Ronald E. Arms

    Beautiful chair… I have used it approx. 5 hrs so far. Really does the job. I use the preset modes but see where once in a while I might want the manual to work on a certain spot. The air bags really put the pressure on but I am used that now (took a couple of times of using it). The operating manual is small n does not have a lot of instructions but it’s easy to figure out. Setting timer to 30 mins stays on until u power off unit in back but heat function does not, u have to set each time. I can not compare it to a $3000/6000 chair as I have never sat in one but for the money I would definitely recommend n buy this chair again. I emailed the support as I thought u were suppose to get a warranty card as instructions says may refuse if not presented n filled in properly but they replied via email with instructions. Truly happy with this purchase n company so far…

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