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HumanN SuperBeets – Black Cherry Beet Root Powder

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HumanN SuperBeets – Black Cherry Beet Root Powder

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HumanN SuperBeets – Black Cherry Beet Root Powder

HumanN SuperBeets – Black Cherry Beet Root Powder – Nitric Oxide & Vitamin C Boost for Blood Pressure, Circulation, & Immune Support – Non-GMO…

  • Get Your Blood Flowing: Blood flow and healthy circulation get a real boost from beneficial nitric oxide. SuperBeets Black Cherry Powder is a delicious, easy way to add it to your daily routine. Feel the invigorating effects as your body converts the natural dietary nitrate and nitrite blend into nitric oxide, allowing for heart-healthy energy and healthy blood pressure support.
  • Feel Recharged For the Day: Do you wake up feeling energized and ready to start the day? If that’s wishful thinking, rev up with HumanN SuperBeets Non-GMO Black Cherry Powder Superfood. Get ready for a heart-healthy energy boost without caffeine or other stimulants, just real food with bioactive nutrients.
  • Beet Crystals That Taste Fantastic: You know that beets have major benefits: cardiovascular support, improved athletic performance, and much more. What’s even better? Getting beets to taste great. We’ve done it in our Superfood crystals—simply mix a teaspoon of apple or black cherry powder into 4-6 oz. of water or a smoothie and you’ll absorb 40 times the functional benefit of a teaspoon of fresh beets.
  • It’s Called a SuperFood for Good Reason: What qualifies as a superfood? It has to be plant-based and provide beneficial nutrients that can provide functional benefits, and ingesting it regularly can support a healthy lifestyle. It makes sense: supporting vital blood flow & blood pressure supplies energy to help power you through your daily activities. It’s a wonderful ripple effect that can help level up your healthy lifestyle.
  • Trusted By Professional & College Athletic Teams: Top coaches and pro athletes know about the exhilarating effects of nitric oxide production. They want to choose a product with the highest quality elements to ensure their teams enjoy peak energy and stamina. We’re proud to know that over 120 pro and college sports organizations use our beet crystals. They appreciate the vibrant boost for their best game-day performances.

8 reviews for HumanN SuperBeets – Black Cherry Beet Root Powder

  1. Karen Sue Fish

    Didn’t give me the energy that it claim to . Did not lower my blood pressure…

  2. Joel

    This material is a joke……as an older athlete and retired physician , I noticed absolutely no boost in energy or change in my blood pressure…which I monitor daily…….

  3. CAM

    Bad “energy”. Used the recommended dose for 4 days. Immediately developed a muscle twitch under left arm that remained until I stopped using it. The “energy” the product claims is nervous energy, irritability, impatience and frustration. This also remained until I stopped using it. This product is a gimmick that spins its negative side effects as positive results. Stay away.

  4. Chef Beth

    Other people were saying how much it helps them. I wish it would help me, but it didn’t. I gave it more than a fair chance. It tastes like very sweet black cherries, so the flavor is pretty good.

  5. Chris L.

    First and foremost, a note on the taste: after skimming through the reviews, I see that the primary complaint about SuperBeets is the taste. For that reason, I am addressing this first. No, this product doesn’t taste like koolaid, and if that is what you are expecting, you will be disappointed. There is no sugar in this product. It does have a hint of stevia to sweeten the taste, but again, I wouldn’t drink this stuff for the taste. I personally prefer the original to the black cherry, but I actually buy both and alternate between the two for the sake of variety. I recommend trying out both flavors. If you are drinking it for the health benefits (that’s the point, right?) and aren’t expecting a refreshing beverage, then you will be pleasantly surprised. In other words, when it comes to taste, it’s all about expectations.
    I don’t typically believe in taking many supplements, but since quitting coffee two months ago, I’d been on the hunt for an alternative to caffeine for an energy boost.
    That hunt ended when a friend recommended I check this product out. Wow! It works. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, since I was already a believer in benefits of beets and have previously gone through a juicing phase that involved many beets. Juicing is great, but also time consuming. For that reason, It didn’t remain a part of my routine.
    This stuff makes it quick and easy to get that beet boost. It’s not hard to find research on the benefits of beets to your health. That said, my bigger concern was about finding a trustworthy company that stood behind their products, as I know that is definitely not the case with many (most?) of these supplement companies.
    SuperBeets is based in Austin, TX, and has an outstanding reputation. Their beets are grown in the USA, and their support team is helpful and easy to reach. If you’re going to try beets (you should!), then you can rest comfortably that you are getting a quality product in SuperBeets.

  6. TBlue

    Was using blood pressure medication for quite a while until finding out one of the side effects was skin cancer. Being a two time survivor of melanoma was looking for other ways to help with blood pressure. This was one of them. Since using this I have been able to keep it within a normal level. Awesome product.

  7. Chip

    I am disappointed with this product. I have tried other less expensive beet products from the health food store and achieved better results.

    I like the taste of beets so I had no issues with the taste. I noticed this product made my stools very dark which kind of freaked me out at first. After a few weeks of taking this product I have noticed no extra energy or stamina.

    I have decided to return to another beet product that gave me energy and is half the price of this one.

  8. Richard P. Goodge

    I have been taking this beet powder for 5 months and i have lowered my blood pressure. My blood pressure was running 160 over 90. it is now running 114/74. I am not on blood pressure medicine and my doctor is amazed.

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